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We are so thankful that you choose to take the time to take a look at these pages. They are our way of trying to give you a view of what we are all about, and where God has brought us from.

The first thing that most people say when they visit Calvary Baptist Church is how friendly our congregation is. We are so thankful for anyone that the Lord sends to worship with us in our services, and we try to always let anyone know, whether they are a visitor or a regular, that we feel blessed to have them with us.

Calvary Baptist is a small congregation of about 75-100 members, who are growing every day! We are a very diverse body of believers, consisting of people from all walks of life, all different ages, and many different backgrounds. We are confident that you are going to find something that you can be a part of from traditional services to contemporary services to small group Bible studies for men and women, to youth groups for all ages.

We are a group of Christians who love the Lord, believe deeply in the Great Commission, and highly value good Christian fellowship. We could best be described as a body with conservative theology but liberal fellowship! We truly believe that Jesus came to save all people, and no matter where you come from or where you are, you are welcome at Calvary Baptist Church.

We are part of the Baptist Missionary Association of America (BMAA). The BMAA is a national organization of New Testament churches that strongly holds dear the evangelical principles of the Bible. Within the BMAA, we are part of the Southern Coast District of the Baptist Missionary Association of California (BMACA).

Purpose Identity

Our ministry to the community includes education, benevolence, counseling, Bible exposition, sports, convalescence and use of buildings. The extent of the ministry of this church for the past 55 years has literally been felt around the world. It is estimated that approximately 2000 persons have been baptized here.

The church sees herself as a servant to men. She is a representative in flesh and blood of Jesus. She is democratic in organization, impartial in administration, open to leadership of the Spirit of God, committed to the preachment of Christ’s Gospel of the Kingdom around the world. At least 10% is allocated by the church for mission activity.

She believes in a strong pastor that God places before her as a door of opportunity. She is solidly based on strong Biblical beliefs and preaching, and a continuing education/discipling program. She has a warm heart and an open door to all whom the Holy Spirit of God leads to her services and membership. She is color blind, power insensitive, and money non-oriented so far as placement of gifted people is concerned. One qualification to kinship is the new birth. One qualification of the saved, for membership is a willingness to be baptized. May God continue to bless us for the next 51 years.

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Church History

Twenty three persons, after having met several times in a small group in homes and the American Legion Hall, now the La Verne Community Building, agreed together that they would like to have a body of Jesus (church) which fully recognized, in “all” her relationships as well as in theology, the Baptist view of church equality.

This group of people wanted to do this freely and unrestrained. To accomplish this, they contacted the Baptist Missionary Association of America and as a result the late Bro. Gordon Thompson came to the area to work with them as Interstate Missionary.

On September 6th, 1953, there were 22 persons organized into a New Testament Church. Bro. Charles Hall was called from Texas to become their first pastor. Under his leadership of approximately two years, the church bought approximately 5 acres of the land for $10,000.00. The small group grew and the first unit/building was erected for worship services in 1954.

In the fall of 1956, Bro. T. S. Jackson was called to pastor the church after the loss of leadership of Bro. Hall. Dr. Jackson was with the church for approximately 11 ½ years. During that time, the church had an unusual explosion in membership increase. She had a highly active High School program and a heavy evangelistic accented ministry.

The present parsonage was purchased and moved from the Glendale area (Eagle Rock) to the present site in 1957. The Jordon Annex was built in 1958. The South Wing was used for the first time on February 14, 1960, and dedicated on February 28 of that same year. The North Wing (present Sanctuary) was erected in 1961 with the first service there on September 24 and dedicated on October 8, 1961. Bonita Christian Preschool (now Calvary Baptist Preschool) was begun in September 1963. The house next to the church property on Sedalia Ave. was purchased in 1963 and became the home for the Assistant Pastor, Bro. Frank Foster, in 1964. Following this time, the church obtained three assistants and choir directors, two preschools and an administrator. The Jackson Building was built in 1965 and dedicated on December 19 of that year.

Dr. Jackson resigned in 1967 and Dr. S. T. Sullivan was approached to pastor Calvary in the fall of 1967. He came to the pastorate here February 1, 1968. Dr. Sullivan had previously been with the church in very successful revival meetings during the early 1960’s. He had also been in three of the church’s youth camps prior to his pastorate position. During his first tenure with the church, the major concern was to regather a number of members who had left the church at the resignation of Dr. Jackson and to consolidate and liquidate the indebtedness.

In October, 1975, Dr. Sullivan resigned to build a church plant in Texas. During that time Bro. Philip Bryan was called to pastor here, beginning in late 1975. During the early part of 1977, Bro. Bryan resigned and Bro. Joe Powell was interim pastor until the church called Bro. Robert Seago in that same year.
After the resignation of Bro. Seago in early 1979, Bro. Joe Powell again became interim pastor aided by Bro. Clyde Grant. Dr. Sullivan was again called to pastor and he came to the field on the first of July, 1979. The Church liquidated the indebtedness on all property and built the Grant (gym) building in 1984-85. Having finished that building and experiencing a steady day school growth, in 1986 we re-acquired the assistant pastor’s house, which had been sold a few years earlier. This was then remodeled into a classroom building and named the “David E. & Kathryn M. Wright Fine Arts Center”.

Dr. Sullivan was pastor until he went to be with the Lord in 1998. At that time, Brother Benton was hired as an interim pastor, until a full-time pastor could be found. Brother Brian Rowe was hired in 1999 and served as senior pastor until 2003, at which time he resigned and took his wonderful family back home to Mississippi. Beginning in October of 2003, Brother Lincoln Dial, a deacon at the church since 1999, began serving as interim pastor. Brother Lincoln surrendered to full time ministry early in 2003, and was ordained and fully licensed as a minister of the Gospel in May of 2003. At this time, the church voted UNANIMOUSLY to cal Brother Lincoln Dial as full-time senior pastor at Calvary Baptist Church. Since Pastor Dial began preaching the Word at Calvary Baptist in October of 2003, 30 new members have added their names to the roles (as of July, 2005), and the Lord continues to bless us and grow our body up!

Doctrinal Statement